KP is your quickest access to the most reliable medical supplies manufacturers/suppliers in China.

KP Medical Supplies, the brand under Keen and Passion Group Limited, is a medical supplies information & resources platform that only takes in qualified manufacturers/suppliers. By strictly auditing the sellers' qualifications, KP helps foreign buyers to find the most reliable medical supplies manufacturers/suppliers effortlessly. With KP, there is no more wasted time and money circling around those unverified ones.

The frequent outbreak of virus respiratory tract infection across the globe in recent years saw the soared market demand for medical consumables. Yet the shortage of supply from time to time has put foreign buyers in an extreme passive situation where spotty and dishonest manufacturers/suppliers are seen. The buyers' profit and interest are therefore seriously damaged.

Matching foreign buyers and qualified Chinese manufacturers, the KP Medical Supplies platform is determined to create a transparent and credible trading environment with an aim to assist in distribution efforts.

KP Rises to the Overwhelming Market with the Unique and Critical Capability

KP's founder, Tom So, has been engaging in the foreign trade industry for more than a decade. His broad network and enhanced understanding of the Chinese manufacturing industry has earned the well-prepared soil for this platform. Additionally, his experience in running MML Digital Marketing Co., Ltd, serving the Chinese manufacturing industry for years, is also spearheading the platform's development.

Among the abundant clients' resources we possess, there are extraordinary manufacturers that can be listed as qualified suppliers. We are able to coordinate with manufacturers nationwide with the capacity to produce medical supplies, consumables, and personal protective equipment even in urgent demand.

Relying on the network we gained over the decade and great efforts from a collective of marketing experts, KP Medical Supplies is created with love and the sense of mission to safeguard the buyers' interests, as well as the fame of "Made-in-China".

How We Bring You the Sweet Point of "Made-in-China"


We accept and promote only manufacturers/suppliers with certifications required for exporting medical goods to American and European countries, helping to verify they are qualified & competent players in the worldwide market.

The Third-Party Audit

Referring buyers to professional inspection companies with good reputation and performance in the past, KP Medical Supplies makes great effort to help buyers receive exactly what was ordered in the sales contract.

Legal Support

Whenever a dispute about the sale arises, you can always seek support from KP's recommendation and approach to professional and reputed law offices. From the sales contract to after-sales dispute, KP gets you covered.

Logistics Support

KP offers choices of well established logistics forwarders for buyers. If you are new to the industry, seek support from the third-party logistics companies to help you get the goods in time, on time and every time.

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