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Sorry, KP doesn't accept seller registration until we verify your identity and qualification with the help of the third party.

Contact KP for verification if you are a qualified manufacturer/supplier. We will work to examine and enlist your company.

抱歉,KP暂不接受卖方自主注册,除非我们在第三方帮助下验证您的身份和资格。如果您是合格的制造商/供应商,请联系KP进行验证。 我们将在审查您的公司资质后上架您的产品。

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What's the Difference between Personal Buyer and Business Buyer?

Both Personal Buyer Account and Business Buyer Account allows you the access to manage your account, wish list and enquiry record.

Benefits of a Business Buyer Account:

  • The mark from KP;
  • Quicker reply from the supplier;
  • No more repeat information filling out.

We highly recommend you register as a business buyer. Seriously, time is money, time is life.