Covid Test Kit


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Trusted COVID Testing Kits

KP Medical Supplies connects to manufacturers that provide wholesale COVID test kits. The diagnostic reagents are based on PCR nucleic acid tests and immunological tests that both determine the presence of the virus in blood samples. Each of the kits contains a test cassette, capillary tube, sample buffer and test instructions. The tools in these testing kits have been cleaned to guarantee non-tampering or contamination of test results. The instructions written in the testing kits provide clear points to teach end-users easily to minimize any errors.

Our suppliers provide testing kits for nucleic acid detection and antibody detection. In nucleic acid detection, the kits use real-time fluorescent PCR technology to detect the specific COVID gene design primers and probes. With PCR amplification, small samples can be readily studied in detail by experts to find signs of COVID.

The testing kits detect the presence of antibodies for COVID-19 in the bloodstream or any plasma samples for study. Any IgM and IgG in the specimens bind to the antigen conjugate to form colored coronavirus antigen-antibody complexes that appear in the test line regions as colored lines.

To address demands and gain trust from our businesses, we follow through with strict international certifications and requirements. We submit the testing kits for government approval before marketing and deliver product reports that explain the accuracy of the product line we offer. Additionally, we ask the support of testing and evaluation agencies to examine the COVID kits based on market requirements. The testing kits are categorized as vitro diagnostic products by numerous food and drug agencies and are subject to medical device regulations.

Certified Testing Reagents and Kits Distributor

KP Medical Supplies manages a reliable network of suppliers and manufacturers to meet the demands of international markets and healthcare facilities. Combining quality assurance agreements with partners and high-precision production, our factory releases several testing kits assessed based on international regulations.

Our suppliers have advanced machines and are supported by experts in the medical field to produce accurate testing kits at large volumes. The suppliers we work with offer raw materials verified for their safety at negotiable prices. Control over the supply network and production process results in affordable and mass-produced testing kits for your markets to avail quickly. You can make bulk orders at low MOQs to supply your facilities with test kits that provide fast results.

For quick entry into international markets, the virus test kits have been subject to a variety of quality management systems and authorizations to gain the trust of health experts. Additionally, we have also registered select companies to specified countries in order for them to carry out distributions of COVID test kits seamlessly. We also handle the submission of pharmaceutical production and sales licenses for access to different markets. In collaboration with KP-verified auditing agencies, we have met the requirements to export testing kits within your schedules.

Verifying Certifications, Building Trusted Networks

The demand for testing kits worldwide requires that we maintain a trustworthy distribution line for faster provision of goods. To build a transparent business environment, KP works with major auditing agencies in meeting international regulations.

We openly present all the required certification of trusted manufacturers and suppliers to earn your confidence. The auditing process provides our factory with a comprehensive verification of our certifications and registration in specific countries. Our auditors make sure that the testing kits meet health and medical standards while ensuring their efficiency through quality checks. The safety protocols and compliance monitoring offered by our inspectors allow KP to quickly bring testing kits to your markets. At the same time, with the confidence our certifications bring, you can focus on expanding your distribution efforts.

For quicker logistics, we recommend several shipping companies that can be trusted to bring your goods within your deadlines. Your orders will be inspected through third-party agencies that we can inform you about. You can also check out some of our suggested legal offices and agencies to help you with any of your sales concerns. We only offer necessary information for your choices and are not responsible for any issues that come along the way.