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Single-Use Face Masks

Though not considered as a medical device, regular face masks are able to keep large particles from scattering to the environment. Commonly used by people who are sick or suffering from allergies, these masks are easy to use and disposed of immediately after. Face masks fit most users, requiring minimal adjustment regardless of age or gender of the user. Elastic ear loops secure the mask on the user’s face, while a plastic nose piece locks it to place.


Most face masks consist of three layers: two layers of spunbond fabric with a layer of melt-blown fabric at the middle that serves as the protective barrier. The middle layer is not exposed to electret treating, hence only able to control droplets of 3 microns at 95%.

As Part of Contemporary Culture

Face masks have seen prevalent use among many East Asian nations as a method of protection against the increasing air pollution in their area.This is also seen in crowded locations, where people prone to several allergens use face masks as a precaution in case of an allergy attack.

Credible Face Mask Manufacturer

Companies hurdle through several obstacles to becoming a certified manufacturer of face masks. Sourcing the proper equipment, materials, and obtaining the needed certifications from multiple agencies are paramount to being part of the industry. On a minimum, our face masks must meet the standards set by the following international agencies:

– EU: EN149, CE
– KR: MFDS Notice No. 2015-69

(Additionally, a South Korean Company must be the license holder, and the consignee must go to Korea)

Setting a Gold Standard

As a reliable source of quality face masks in China, we only partner up with superior mask manufacturers to provide our clients with face masks that meet these domestic and international standards. These select facilities are experts on the field, utilizing years of experience, superior equipment, fine materials, and production methods to create superior face masks.

Providing the Leverage You Need

Knowing the demands and possible risks involved in the industry, we go the extra mile to ensure your business becomes a credible part of the market.

Verification Process

Before working with our suppliers, we ensure that all certifications needed for face masks are verified with their respective agencies. We also check with various testing and inspection agencies to guarantee the legitimacy of all certifications in hand. Doing so allows us to provide you with expert-quality face masks.

Value-Added Connections

At KP, we provide our clients more than just the products needed and extend our expertise and connections to several important parts of our business. With access to some of the best in their fields, we can introduce you to the right people for your business.

– Logistics – KP has connections to forwarding companies that specialize in the shipment of face masks internationally.
– Audits – Get in touch with expert third-party inspectors with a reliable track record of providing accurate reports.
– Legal matters – Let KP guide you to professional law firms that can handle your international trade concerns with ease.