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Quality Hand Sanitizers

KP Medical Supplies connects with manufacturers producing bulk hand sanitizers that effectively remove pathogens and other infectious agents, such as viruses. The hand sanitizer companies we connect produce both alcohol-based and alcohol-free sanitizers. All hand sanitizer gel use approved ingredients and formulations to meet needed requirements in your regional market.

All alcohol sanitizers use a 60-80% alcohol solution, made with isopropyl alcohol or ethyl alcohol. Alcohol-free hand sanitizers use non-allergenic solutions that lack harsh ammonia or abrasive chemicals. Able to kill germs, compounds like benzalkonium chloride are excellent antiseptics that eliminate microbes just as effectively as alcohol solutions.

Supplied to hospitals, clinics, healthcare facilities and households, wholesale hand sanitizers are readily distributed to improve the hygiene of your end users. As such, we guarantee that bulk hand sanitizers follow the legal conditions set in different countries. KP relies on distributors that have manufactured hand sanitizers with the appropriate features, including efficient disinfection.

KP’s network supplies hand sanitizers that have been validated through tests to secure your trust and the confidence of your end users. Quality assessments translate to increased sales for your business to grow from.

A Network of Trusted Manufacturers

Meeting the high demand for sanitizers in households, hospitals and healthcare facilities worldwide motivates our industry partners to produce large volume orders in quick succession. You will meet deadlines easily through our time-efficient auditing process and speedy manufacturing of our suppliers.

We will cooperate with more and more qualified factories to meet the growing market demand. Our manufacturers reach a large annual capacity through quality raw materials and experienced laborers. With a streamlined production from our supply network of hand sanitizer makers, we minimize manufacturing costs and supply you with wholesale items.

To support our precise manufacturing capabilities, we collaborate with well-reputed manufacturers that meet processing qualifications and international requirements for quality assurance. All of our suppliers follow our partnership agreement to guarantee timely deliveries. All hand sanitizers of our manufacturing partners have been validated by international certification. We export hand sanitizers that have been qualified to meet your market requirements.

Our compliance to regulations and thorough inspection processes maintain the reputation our product line possesses in global industries.

How We Verify Certification

KP Medical Supplies aims for a transparent environment for doing business and supplying hand sanitizers on time. In line with our efforts, we work with trusted auditors worldwide. For efficient and trustworthy export of bulk hand sanitizers, we select suppliers that meet the right certification for delivering goods to different international markets.

Our collaboration with KP-verified agencies ensures that all hand sanitizers match with international hygiene standards. With their support, our supply network has been able to meet with their obligations and ensure efficient delivery of hand sanitizers to our markets. Through KP-verified auditing, we help you replenish your stock of sanitizers fast enough to meet the demands of your end users. For you to receive quality goods, we can recommend well-respected inspection companies to handle your concerns.

Added to our verification services, our experts offer recommendations on legal offices and logistics support to ease your concerns. We suggest a number of third-party logistics companies to carry out timely deliveries in every transaction. Notify us of any sales disputes and we will present a few suggested offices for you to be directed.

Make use of our services for sustainable business strategies and accurate delivery of hand sanitizers to meet current needs.