KN95 Mask


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Quality KN95 Masks

Similar to the standard N95 mask, KN95 respirators are protective medical equipment capable of filtering at least 95% of airborne particles. The medical profession sees extended use of KN95 masks, particularly when facing patients with possible airborne viruses or illnesses. KN95 masks are also used in industries where workers are exposed to dust and small particles.

Construction and Effectiveness

KN95 masks filter out a minimum of 95% due to multiple layers of melt-blown fabric included. The 3D construction of the masks allows for better airflow while reducing contact between the mask and the user’s mouth.

For construction, KN95 masks have up to three layers of electret-treated melt-blown fabric sandwiched between two layers of non-woven fabric. Straps are added to secure the mask on the user’s face, while hidden cartilages are built into the mask for a tight fit. As the KN95 masks create a secure fit, pre-fitting and leak checks are required once worn.

Similar Yet Different

Sharing most features with each other, N95 and KN95 masks only differ to the origin of their standards. KN-series of dust masks refers to the Chinese standard, while the N-series is for the American standard.

Qualified KN95 Mask Manufacturer

KP is the bridge for clients looking for KN95 mask manufacturers that adhere strictly to China’s GB2626-2006 guidelines for production. However, not all KN95 masks are applicable for medical use, and the standards they meet will determine their proper application.

KN95 Masks vs. KN95 Surgical Respirators

While both have similar capabilities, medical-grade KN95 masks have to pass higher standards compared to the regular KN95 masks. Tests that are equal to FDA CFR 878.4040 standards are used to qualify KN95 surgical masks, along with fluid resistance tests to guarantee the masks can absorb fluids and secretions. These ensure that although KN95 masks are able to filter 0.3 microns with at least 95% accuracy, KN95 surgical masks can filter with a minimum 99.97% accuracy.

Helping Your Business Grow

With our connections to expert KN95 suppliers and manufacturers in China, KP understands the needs each client has and aims to deliver a holistic experience. Regardless if clients know the ropes or just starting out, we have extended features that can help improve the business.

Qualifications Check

We help you ensure the validity and authenticity of certifications for the KN95 masks, avoiding possible delays or errors in production. Working with the skilled inspectors, we authenticate the certifications, whole verifying the necessary certification with the appropriate agencies.

Leading to the Best Direction

KP offers more than just products, but additional services to make your business more efficient.

– Legal Assistance – should you need legal assistance for sales concerns; we have expert law firms that excel in handling international trade matters.
– Audit Assistance – Choosing an experienced third-party inspector for your products could be a challenge. KP’s various connections to professional inspection companies will make the search easier and faster.
– Logistics Assistance – Our team can help you locate the perfect forwarders to secure deliveries for end to end. We have contacts with reliable logistics companies with the right experience.