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What Are Mask Making Machines?

Manufacturers seeking to make their own face masks to meet the ever-increasing demand would need a dedicated production line, with a mask making machine at the core of production. Not limited to one piece of equipment, mask making machines is an assembly line of several machines working hand in hand to create quality and durable flat or three-dimensional masks.

While selecting from the types of flat mask machines and three-dimensional mask machines can be tricky, with different varieties and specifications available, it does not have to be. As your bridge to the best suppliers of medical products in China, KP can lead you to the right sources of mask making machines that you need at affordable prices. 


Mask Making Machines By Type

Flat face mask machines are categorized into three types, namely inner ear band mask machines, outer ear band mask machines, and strap mask machines. While sharing most steps, each mask making machine type has specialized processes that make them unique.

Inner Ear Band Mask Machines

Built with durable aluminum alloy, inner ear band mask machines utilize ultrasonic wielding to permanently fix the ear bands inside the mask body. Photoelectric detection reduces error rate, while the international-grade ultrasonic transducer ensures stable performance and consistent operation.

Outer Ear Band Mask Machines

Requiring only one operator to place the main mask piece on the conveyor jig, outer ear band mask machines automatically takes care of the process at a higher output rate. Ear strap welding strength is adjustable for customizable options, while the PLC program control is highly stable and boasts a low fail rate.

Strap Mask Machines

Adapting the ultrasonic welding method, strap mask machines automatically welds non-woven fabric straps on the mask’s sides for a uniform finish with ±1mm deviation. The machines have adjustable running speed and a high degree of automation, requiring minimal human intervention.

Same with flat face mask machines, three-dimensional face mask machines are also divided into three types: cup-shaped mask machines, duckbill mask machines, and folding mask machines. They also share most steps, with several distinct features that differentiate the three.

Cup-Shaped Mask Machines

Highly-automated production that handles the entire manufacturing process, from forming to cutting, requiring one personnel for feeding and retrieval of completed masks. Simple and fast operation with easy to use touch screen setting.

Duckbill Mask Machines

Utilizing ultrasonic seamless welding, duckbill mask machines can combine from 4 to 10 layers of PP non-woven fabric and filtering materials to achieve different filter levels (N95, FFP1, and FFP2). These machines feature automatic feeding of raw materials, nose line, and cutting for optimal an efficient production.

Folding Mask Machines

This fully-automated folding mask machine uses ultrasonic welding to bond 3 to 5 layers of PP non-woven fabric, activated carbon, and other filler materials to form C-type masks. Automated cutting process creates 3M 9001, 9002, and other mask bodies, with comfortable and pressure-free elastic ear bands.


Selecting the Ideal Mask Making Machine

There are several factors to consider when selecting the right mask making machine for your production line. Here are some of the points to look at:

          The mask making machine must match your target market. Depending on the type of mask you want to manufacture, whether flat or three-dimensional, the production line must fit the product specifications.

          Performance factors, like ease of operation, number of personnel needed for use, and maintenance frequency

          Overall size of the production line must be considered, as the production line is more than one machine. For smaller spaces, it is ideal to use compact machines for a shorter production line.

          Equipment certifications of the production line must also match those of the country’s standards.

Suppliers partnered with KP not only manufacture reliable mask making machines and production lines but are also selected for having the proper certifications on their equipment. Each supplier on our network is carefully selected to meet domestic and international standards, ensuring you get the right products.