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World-Class Surgical Masks

Also called as procedure masks or surgical masks, medical masks provide a twofold protection for the user. It helps prevent bacteria entering from the air and stops the spreading of bacteria from the user’s nose and mouth. These particles come out in the form of aerosols or liquid droplets, measuring 5 microns. Medical masks are typically used in medical facilities by healthcare professionals, specifically by surgeons and nurses. Medical masks play an important role in protecting the public during the 2020 coronavirus pandemic caused a high demand in the market.


The melt-blown material found in between the layers of non-woven fabric is electret-treated, creating a protective filter against floating particles and bacteria while allowing air to pass through. The two spunbond layers are capable of absorbing certain levels of moisture, giving it a fluid-resistant nature. Medical masks use several methods to secure itself on the user, including ear loops, headbands, and tie-on straps attached on the side of the masks. And with latex-free materials, these medical masks have no risks of triggering any allergy, allowing for comfortable long-term use.


While surgical masks halt the escape of harmful bacteria, it provides the user as much as 30% protection from airborne particles and viruses or 0.1microns.

Trusted Surgical Mask Manufacturer

In the field of making surgical masks, knowing the standards is half the battle. Not only do manufacturers need to have the right equipment and skillset to create the medical masks, certifications are also required for distribution and sales. Interconnected international agencies work together to ensure that medical devices meet global and local standards, which manufacturers have to comply with. Some of these certifications include:

– FDA, CE, TGA, and PMDA that cater directly to the health industry,
– Global standardization agencies to ensure consistent performance requirements,
– And other local agencies.

Certified Surgical Masks

KP has built itself as a reliable source of quality medical masks, securing suppliers that comply with the notable certifications for both the domestic and international markets. As experienced distributor in the industry, they understand what it takes to provide our clients with the ideal medical mask that will pass industry standards. KP works closely with different surgical mask manufacturers that carries CE, PMDA, FDA, and TGA stamps on medical masks, allowing their products international access. From upscale equipment to production standards, clients are ensured that they get the high-class surgical masks.

Your Partner For Proper Qualifications

Whether new to the industry or a seasoned veteran, KP provides the assistance you need to be a credible player in the market. Connecting you with the best surgical masks manufacturer, we cover a complete qualification process for the products, while providing helpful assistance in logistics, inspection, and legal support if needed.

Certified Qualifications

CE and FDA certifications for your medical masks are properly verified by our team with their respective agencies. We also work closely with the global major inspection, verification, testing, and certification agencies in ensuring all certifications in hand are authentic. These processes give our clients the guarantee of 100% compliance before production, avoiding barred shipments and other hurdles upon completion.

Additional Support

With established contacts in the business, KP can lead you in the right direction for everything else you might need for international shipment.

– Logistics – Searching for a capable logistics company for your shipment? Let us direct you to experienced logistics forwarders that can assist you in securing delivery at all times.
– Audits – Need qualified auditors to go through your surgical masks? We can refer to several professional inspection companies that are well-known for their proficiency and accuracy.
– Legal matters – Encountered a tricky legal situation with your products? Our team can point you to professional law offices that can expertly handle your legal concerns.