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Commonly used for hospital sanitation and household cleaning, disinfectant wipes are highly effective, especially at bacteria-prone locations. Due to the disinfectant liquid the wipes are exposed to, disinfectant wipes are more potent than regular wipes as they can also kill various bacteria and viruses, including the widespread coronavirus. KP offers clients with disinfecting wipes bulk purchasing through our pool of reliable and internationally certified suppliers and manufacturers.

Regardless of disinfectant alcoholic wipes, there is one universal paper product that everyone shops for. What is it? Toilet paper of course. We know you need it urgently in harsh time from certified manufacturers and suppliers, and with verified certification like ISO. At kpmedicalsupplies.com we can help you give your clients and customers smooth and on-time supplies of toilet paper and tissue with quick delivery, directly shipped from the factories. You don’t need to trade comfort for savings as our wide selection options and brand customization offer inexpensive and soft paper in two-ply and one-ply versions.


Disinfecting wipes bulk processing starts from sheets of high-quality polyester or polypropylene nonwoven fabrics that are cut into small sheets. These pieces are then moistened with alcohol or other disinfectant liquids based on the intended application. Perfumes and lotions are added to the fabric to improve its properties as well. The alcohol-soaked wipes are packaged in tightly-sealed and easy to open packaging that keeps the wipes moist and protected from possible contamination.

Disinfectant Potency

Disinfectant wipes are versatile cleaning agents that can be used for cleaning and sanitation with 100% antibacterial action. It is capable of doing so in two ways: 1. Cell membranes and proteins are broken down, thus preventing multiplication and growth 2.Pathogens are destroyed outright upon contact.

Partnering with Reliable Wipes & Tissue Manufacturers

In meeting the increasing need for disinfectant wipes and toilet paper while providing clients with a reliable pool of manufacturers, KP goes through several factors to qualify our partner suppliers. Factors like high product quality, consistent production output, standardized practices, on-time delivery of bulk order and international certifications are what we check on each manufacturer.

Cleaning wipes and paper manufacturers must match international regulations for the production of wipes, passing the following certification tests according to their target market’s requirements.

• EN 1276-2009 for EU

• EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) for USA

• K-REACH (Registration and Evaluation of Chemical Substance Act) for Korea

• RoHS (Product level compliance based on the European Union’s Directive 2002/95/EC)

Materials sourced and used in production, such as the nonwoven fabric, disinfectant liquid, and packaging, are also required to pass these qualifications for international trade.

As your source for disinfectant wipes, KP builds and maintains a list of disinfecting wipes manufacturers that carry EN 1279-2009, EPA, and K-REACH certifications, along with local Chinese certifications. KP guarantees quality and affordable pricing with every purchase.

How Does KP Verify Cleaning Products Manufacturer Qualifications?

Only verified suppliers are allowed to list their disinfectant or alcohol wipes or cleaning paper on our platform. Every manufacturer must meet with strict standards. We expect all of our suppliers to be consistent with the quality of their products and be prompt when responding to customer inquiries or in delivery orders.

Our team also ensures all suppliers’ disinfectant wipes bulk orders are certified for export to your target market by verifying their qualifications. The verification process may involve working with globally recognized auditors who can perform extensive checks on suppliers.

How Do We Help In the Process?

To provide additional assurance on the prompt delivery of your antibacterial wipes bulk order and its pristine condition, we can refer you to third-party logistic companies and auditors. For any disputes between suppliers, KP can introduce you to established law firms in the country who can assist you with legal troubles.

KP takes all the necessary steps and goes the extra mile to make it easy for you to buy wholesale disinfecting wipes from a reputable supplier through our platform. Our efforts in building a trusted medical supply platform for alcohol wipes bulk orders ensure your orders can drive your brand while increasing your profit margins.