BGI’s Real-time Fluorescent RT-PCR Test Kit for Detecting 2019-nCoV

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Capacity600,000 Kits Per Day
Min. Order1000 pcs
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Item(50 tests/kit) Specification Quantity Description
2019-nCoV  reaction Mix 1mL /vial 1 vial Reagents for amplification, probes and  primers
2019-nCoV Enzyme Mix 80μL /vial 1 vial Taq polymerase, reverse transcriptase and UDG
2019-nCoV Positive control 750μL/vial 1 vial Mix solution of recombinant plasmid of target  virus genes and internal reference
2019-nCoV Blank control 750μL/vial 1 vial DNase/RNase free water

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detection kits 's whole testing process

Samples-To-Results in Less Than 3 Hours

By using proven DNBseq™ sequencing technology, our RT-PCR detection kit through a qualitative in vitro nucleic acid amplification assay helps test respiratory samples, including nasopharyngeal swab, sputum, bronchoalveolar lavage fluid (BALF) and throat swabs. It takes no more than 3 hours with the help of our easy-to-operate detection kit to detect the 2019-nCoV with a one-step reaction.

Detection tests with he human genome and 54 pathogens

Highly Specific Detection

BGI is the first organization that completed the sequencing of SARS-CoV-2 and discovered that the virus’ target domain is localized in the ORF1ab and S genes. Thus we know how to make a high-quality and sensitive primer to better identify virus’ domain. Through lean manufacturing, our test kits can be highly-specified and have no cross-reactivity with the human genome and 54 pathogens.

a list of PCR systems coompatible with BGI'‘s detection kits

Compatible to Various Real-Time PCR Systems

Whether you apply kits to the ABI 7500 Real-Time PCR System launched by BGI, or other instruments in the marketplace, our detection kits can be high-performing for rapid detection when it is used in institutions and laboratories.

detection results between BGI‘s test kit and other competing kits’

High Sensitivity

Unlike the competing detection kits, our highly- sensitive kit access to its LOD( Limit of Detection) at only 100 copies/mL, improving the diagnosis efficiency. Consistent production management and sensitive probe design from BIG ensures you get a high-performing detection kit.


BGI's quality controlling system

Licensed IVD Kit Manufacturing & Testing

With a medical device quality management system obtaining multiple certifications, BGI’s test kits are mass-produced to exacting standards. Shouldering responsibility as a leading genomics organization, BGI ensures information security as what international policies and regulations require. Laboratories equipped with advanced testing instruments are also qualified with numerous international certificates, ensuring excellent kit quality.


Reseachers of BGI's R&D team are analyzing and testing the test kits

Emergency Test Lab In the COVID-19 Fight

The Huo Yan( also called Fire Eye in English) Laboratory is a comprehensive and easy-to-operate anti-epidemic pathogen detection solution available to customers worldwide. The first Fire Eye lab started in Wuhan on February 5th can process over 10,000 samples a day. Today the lab has been installed in 12 major cities across China with a daily testing capacity of 50,000 samples, further upgradeable to 80,000 samples.


BGI's logistic network in the globe

Worlwide Logistic Network Brings Short Turnaround

With Japan, US, EU imports permitted, BGI detection kits have been widely used in 50 countries for the fight against the on-going epidemic. Supported by self-owned global warehouses located in the US and Hongkong, BGI can supply test kits with protective packaging and deliver them to designated destinations on time.


Industry-leading RT-PCT Test Kit Manufacturer
In China, BGI Group was one of the first companies to receive emergency use approval from China’s National Medical Products Administration and National Health Commission for a PCR-based SARS-CoV-2 detection kit. By 4 March 2020, the daily throughput totals were 50,000 tests per day, with the whole production of 1.4 million test kits.


Meet Our Team
Our company is staffed by over 6000 members, reflecting a cutting-edge R&D, strong production capacity, high-performance proprietary sequencing technology and decades of industrial experience. 24 innovation centers and 1200+ patent applications since establishment are the results of a team effort.


Our Service
Being a partner of BGI empowers effective access to a better life and a booming business. With rich experience backing, BGI Group is on your side to help customers worldwide:
Satisfying detection test needs by medical instruments and device offerings
Providing technical aftersales support with industry know-how
Optimizing quality with certified quality control systems


“Our goal is to deploy our maximum capability to support efforts to contain the virus worldwide” —- From BGI Genomics CEO Yin Ye
With a long history of responses to public health crisis events, BGI today at the forefront of detection testing is bringing its full genomics expertise and resources to help countries and regions fight against 2019-nCoV. On 24th, Jan 25,600 coronavirus test kits were donated to Wuhan from BGI.

BGI Genomics Co., Ltd.

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Manufacturer of Test Kits Since 1999.

Business Scope:

As a leading provider of genomic sequencing services and proteomic services in China, GBI provides genomics tests and research services for institutions and enterprises. GBI supplies diagnostic tools for the rapid diagnosis of infectious disease and helps the development of precision medicine. Serving academic institutions, pharmaceutical companies, health care providers and other organizations in more than 66 countries.

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