Supplier Audit——A Total Objective Viewpoint

At KP Medical Supplies, we represent hundreds of the most trusted and respected manufacturers of medical equipment and supplies across the healthcare industry in China.

We work to continuously strict our rules by auditing our suppliers, and expand our selection of medical products and actively look for leading medical manufacturers to partner with.

Legal Support——Secure Your Products

Buyer-to-Supplier isn’t always safe and protected. And we know how urgent you need your products to arrive on-time and on-quantity during harsh situation. That’s why we can provide several trusted law firms for dispute resolution.

We are proud that the lawyer agencies recommended are professional in managing the risks in international trade. To be noticed, from time to time we only make our best suggestions to you, on behalf of KP, a bridge between buyers and suppliers. We do not provide any legal services.

Logistics——On-Time Shipment

Ensuring suppliers are delivering On-Time is absolutely essential for KP. Each supplier in our supplier list is complied to our partnership agreement, which ensure integrity and on-time attitude.

You can choose to cooperate with your indicated shipping companies or shipping services from your suppliers. Also, ff you need other shipping services, we’re also happy to recommend some of the shipping companies that built on trust and reputation in China.